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Soul Mate Love Spell

Soul mate love spell as the name says, are cast for finding your soul mate, the spell is simple and is cast during a full moon night, and it requires a porcelain bowl filled up with rose water, the bigger the bowl the better.

Mixed within the water should be some ferns of palm and sea salt along with mud from the river bed, you just need to write your name inside a small piece of paper which is cut out in the shape of a heart, red color would be more better.

Once done cast the below spell number of times you think about your soul mate and in the same number of days your soul mate would come in front of you, counting from the next full moon.


“Breath and Life
Together thrive
Life and Soul
Together hive
Dwell thou within each other
Create the passion forever

Alusumunum abushukhum
Pedrumnocus bolokolumnuto.”

Soul mate love spells are very powerful if cast properly and would give you quick results and everlasting results, but if a soul mate spell does not show results for a certain period of time, then the individual should approach a love psychic or an experienced spell caster and take help in casting a soul mate spell.




Green Apple Love Spell


One way of casting strong love spells is by using fruits while casting the spell, later these fruits can be used as portions or can be used for some other purpose related to the spell. Here we will talk specifically about using green apple to cast a green apple love spell.

Green is another color of passion and energy and apple shows something which is not possible, that is an apple is a false fruit, hence a green apple is used to cast many love spells. Using a green apple love spell will make sure that you get what is impossible and you get it forever.

Green apple love spell can be cast on occasions where you want your lover to stay with you forever, or you want your lover to be faithful to you throughout his or her life and to love only you. I must mention it here that though all this looks complicated to understand but casting a green apple love spell is simple. You would need a red piece of paper and green apples for sure, along with it use some honey or white sugar cane juice.

Scoop off the seed part of the apple which would leave it with a hole, fill the hole with honey or white sugar cane juice, then on the piece of paper write the name of your lover whom you want to be faithful to you forever, dip the paper on the juice and then seal the hole with the left overs of the apple, take the apple and go to the backyard of your lover, dig a hole and bury the apple there and say “TRUE BE ME” five times.

This spell will show effects ranging from five days to five weeks’ time.




New Moon Love Spell


Moon and its different phases plays a very vital role in casting love spells, you will find many witches and spell casters casting love spells during specific moon phases, the most common phase is the new moon phase and hence new moon love spell are stronger when cast. Though any kind of love spell can be cast during a new moon but generally it is observed that love spells related to bringing ex-lover back or finding the right soul mate are cast during a new moon.

Here is one new moon love spell that you can cast all by yourself and bring back your lost love. All you would need is a wooden bowl filled with water and mud from your ex lover’s house, a picture of your ex-lover and a white candle, dip the picture in the bowl and fill it with the mud and then water, keep the bowl near your window so that the rays from the full moon can fall on it.
Light up the candle and chant the below spell eleven times, you will see that the picture will come out and start floating, if this happens then your ex-lover would return to you in eleven days and if this does not happen then you have to wait for another new moon phase and cast the spell again.


“Moonum Lunumus
Pictorutum floturium
Backus thee mine bee
Moonum lunumus.
Pictorutum floturim
Be me by me thee me.”