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Egyptian Witchcraft

High Priestess Lysandra

Life-changing ancient Egyptian magick by a white whitch who helped thousands before you!

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High-Priestess Lysandra Egyptian magick spells customers testimonials


  • Hi my name is Alan, I would like to say thank you to Lysandra for the love spell she cast, my wife was cheating on me and was dating another guy behind my backs, Lysandra’s spell not only stopped my wife from seeing this another guy but my wife also accepted of being guilty and said sorry to me, Lysandra’s spell worked just in time from letting my wife go out of my hand, thanks a lot Lysandra. – Alan
  • After being dumped and cheated by many spell casters , I lost the trust and the hope to get my husband back, it was this when I found Lysandra the high priestess, via website, she was so professional, calm and like an angel. Her words were like words from heaven, whatever she told me after listening to my problem was exactly how it happened, she cast a love spell to bring back my husband, and it worked like a miracle, it was just one week, when my husband approached me after a long time and in three weeks’ time he was back with me again and forever.Naomi.
  • I never believed in spells, and thought it to be all fake until I visited website, the high priestess practices Egyptian magic and cast spell, she is also a good psychic. She practices white magic spells as well and her white magic spells are also very strong, it was because of Lysandra that now I believe in magic and spells, I still remember her words, “you would get your man back when the moon would be full”, believe me guys the love spell she then cast for me bought my ex back on the day when it was a full moon night. Thanks a lot Lysandra. – Ruth
  • After twenty seven years of marriage life, my husband wanted a divorce, reason not known to him and me, but he just wanted a divorce from me, I was all shattered and broken, when one of my friends asked me to visit website. Here I found Lysandra who is a very powerful Egyptian spell caster, I told my problem to her and she advised me two spells one to stop divorce and the other to break them up and back to me spell, she also said that my husband was under a charm cast by another lady, she cast both the spell, and back was my husband to me and did not wanted divorce anymore. Samantha
  • My best friend had all changed after his girlfriend broke up with him, he used to stay alone and away from all fun, crying at times, not talking much, he was a changed person all together, grieve stricken and sad, even he started taking marijuana and alcohol. I was not able to see all this happen to my friend and wanted some help, when I found Lysandra the high priestess, when I told her about this scenario of my friend she suggested a reunite lover spell, she said that her spell would take around fourteen days to twenty days to show the effect, and the same happened, thank you Lysandra for reuniting my friend with his love. – Alex