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Santeria spell castersThere is so much misconception about different religions related to magic, one of them is voodoo and another one which is highly misunderstood is Santeria. Yes, Santeria is a religion practiced mostly by the inhabitants of Nigeria and originates from Africa, but also widely in the Caribean islands such as Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico. It is a very old religion and till date is the most powerful magic related religion that is practiced.

Though, the misconception lies in the practice of this religion as worshiping devil spirits and sacrificing animals for the purpose of achieving something. Basically the word Santeria spells is a Spanish term which means worshiping the saints and this magic can be perfectly well used for love. Santeria is also known as lukumi or la regla lucumi or regla de ocha.

The priest or priestess for this religion are known as santera / santero and Santeria, to become a santera or Santeria the person has to go through a wekk long process carried on by the god father (head priest) were first the person is cleansed and then obtains the beaded necklage, gets the eleggua, receives the powers of the warriors and then becomes a saint.

How Santeria helps?

Santeria is a powerful religion and is mostly used for healing purpose, people who would like to get healed due to various reasons can visit the priest in the isle and can get healed, where the priest uses coconut water and cotton to wash of the head of the individual and clean and heal the person of any ailments or diseases they have.

The practice of Santeria religion uses a lot of herbs and plants which are regarded as medicinal use, and apart from herbs the santero are assumed to have special powers to communicate with spirits who would help them understand the remedy for an individual's ailment, hence the santeros can use these medicinal herbs to cure lot of problems like bronchitis, stomach problem etc...

How to find a good Santero or Santeria spell caster?

If you are looking for a solution to one of your sickness or ailments then visiting a santerian priest or priestess would be the best option, but they are a bit hard to find especially those with real powers, because this religion is practiced in a small place and extents to small villages of Africa, Nigeria and to some part of Columbia.

One of the option you can follow is to search for a santerian priest or priestess. You can find many real online spell casters over the internet and once you get some information, try to get hold of the person and see if the person can help you from a distance or not and if not then pay him a visit. Also do keep in mind that since healing uses lot of herbs which are not found in other places and need to be rubbed or made into juices for specific use, hence a visit is required to the altar where the priest or priestess can perform the action and heal an individual.


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