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Spells have been used by humans for centuries, the most ancient kind of magick is shamanism, the Shaman was the doctor of the tribe and the one in charge of foreseeing the future and guide it.

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Spell to make someone fall in love with you

Do you love someone? Do you think that someone you like does not like you and that someone loves someone else? Do you want the person of your choice to leave anyone else and just to think about you fall in love only with you? If yes then you need the help of a love spell to make someone fall in love with you. Thou you can visit a professional spell caster who would cast such spell for you, but if you can acquire the below mention items from specific stores then you can cast the spell yourself.

You would require one red hugging candle, one bottle fire of love oil, one oz Arabic gum, the hugging candle has the figure of a male and a female, so on each side write the respective name, yours and the person whom you want to fall in love with you, then mix the Arabic gum with the fire of love oil, to make a paste and then cement the candle with the paste made out of the mixture. You need to then find out the moon phase as well, since this spell is to be cast during a full moon phase, so wait for a full moon night and when it is full moon night light up this candle exactly at two a.m. and chant the below mention spell twenty three times. You will see that by the time the moon enters a new moon phase the person for whom you have cast the spell has fallen in love with you.

“Oh Aphrodite and Hephaestus,
I pray to thee, bring me love, as within be,
Never were you separated, so not let me thee,
Bring my love, I pray to thee.”

Once you have chanted this spell twenty three times, then wait for the candle to relinquish, when the candle is about to blow off, chant the below spell as many times as possible.

“luvum shubham, shabe barat,
Luvum shubham, share raat,
Sararat pyeer, pyur paar,
Mericos mardana, nun jaat.”

Love spell to capture his heart

Love spells are cast all over the globe, be it the United States of America, or United Kingdom, Africa or India. While research about different love spells I went to India were I learned that love psychics used black magic to cast love spells which are very effective and strong. Indians uses a mix form of black magic which consists of spells and rituals like those practiced in voodoo. When I went a little deep I found that Indians cast a love spell to capture his heart also known as vashikaran, meaning capture. Love psychics in India are also known as tantrics and are mostly found in dense forest areas or deserted lands. It is such believed that many of this tantrics also eat human flesh and play to different forms of god and goddesses while casting spells.

After much research and dwelling I did with few of the tantrics found in the Himalayas, I have derived a love spell to capture his heart. This is a very strong spell, so make sure each step you take to cast this spell is perfect.

You would need a doll, male doll or you can make one using wheat flour, make sure you make the male genitals to depict the doll as a male, you would require the picture of the person whose heart you need to capture, if you can get little hair or sweat or a used piece of cloth of the person it would be good and better. You would also require few pins and around half a pound mustard seeds, black mustard seeds, and a big red cloth piece to wrap and tie the doll and cover the doll.

First stick the picture or any belonging (if you have managed to get) of the person on the doll, then sprinkle some red vermilion on the doll, then pinch yourself with the pin so that the pin gets a little blood of your body and then fix the blooded pin near the heart of the doll, you need to fix three or five or seven or nine such pins, the more the pins the faster the result, then put the mustard seeds on the red cloth and wrap the doll completely. Tie same number of knots on the red cloth as the number of pins used by you, while tying the knots you need to enchant the below written spell (also known as mantras in India). You need to then keep this doll between the intersection of four crossing roads, so that someone finds it and opens the knots as the knots would be opened, the person for whom you have cast the spell, his heart would be yours. Make sure no one disturbs you or stops you when performing the whole procedure.

“amavasya ki raat ho,
Kisika nahi saath ho,
Your heart is mine,
Forever and ever.”